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Our goal is to help kids realize and cherish that Jesus loves them so very much and that they are a big and important part of the Big God Story.  Every Sunday they are reminded that the stories in the Bible still matter today. Noah's trust in God when everyone else thought he was crazy for building that huge ark is exactly the same trust our kids need when faced with tricky situations in their everyday lives.

Here are the four most important things to know about RVC | kids:

1.  Safety is of utmost importance. 

  • All volunteers complete a background check.
  • Procedures are thoughtfully and effectively put into place to ensure a safe environment for all.

2.  RVC | kids is available to all kids, ages 0 - 5th grade.

  • Classes for ages 0 - 2nd grade are offered during both Worship Services .
  • During the Worship Services, 3rd - 5th graders are welcomed into the adult worship and are given special sermon notes to help make the service more meaningful.

3.  Engagement is the driving force behind all we do in RVC | kids to help kids truly know Jesus as their friend and Father for life.

  • Kids engage with God's Word thanks to our talented StoryTelling Team.
  • Kids engage with leaders who value, enjoy, remember, and invest in them.
  • Kids engage with other kids through activities, service projects, games, and conversation.


4.  Most important to the kids, RVC | kids is FUN!

0 - 24 months

Our youngest kids, ages 0-24 months, spend their time playing, snuggling, and experiencing the love of Christ first hand from leaders who love to play, snuggle, and share Christ’s love!

2 & 3 Year Olds

Who doesn’t love action? We know that our 2s and 3s certainly do and RVC | kids is the place for them. Through songs, crafts, play, and teaching time, kids are introduced to God’s word and get to experience it all with plenty of... ACTION

4 Years - Kindergarten

Preschoolers are full of wonderful questions and we love it! RVC | kids offers preschoolers opportunities to experience how God’s story flows through the Bible and into their lives by playing games, making crafts, and singing songs. Our 4s/5Ks also get to experience the Bible as it is brought to life every week by our dedicated and talented (and silly) StoryTelling Team.

Grades 1 - 5

Kids in grades 1-5 are excited to learn who God is as they begin to personalize all they hear and relate it to themselves as an individual. As kids grow they want to pair their knowledge with action. Elementary kids are given opportunities to serve others while diving deeper into God’s word to learn that God has a specific path for them and that Jesus wants to be with them every step of the way.